About us

AQUAELLE Medical offers personal care suitable for the entire family. All products are developed under the supervision of Laboratoire Naturel, a Swiss company with a 24-year tradition of constant innovation and strict quality control. Each product is designed to be maximally effective, safe and gentle.

AQUAELLE Medical products are manufactured in accordance with European Union regulations and have been clinically proven to be effective. The AQUAELLE Medical product range is split into the following categories:

Sanitizing wet wipes

The disinfectant category consists of gentle, alcohol-free Hygiene Wet Wipes for hands and body (available in packages of 60 pieces, 15 pieces, or 8x8 mini-packs) as well as alcohol-containing sanitizing wet wipes for hands and body (available in packages of 60 pieces or 15 pieces).

Hygiene and Body Care

The hygiene and body care category includes baby wipes, moist toilet tissues, and intimate hygiene wipes. These gentle care products are suitable for all members of the family. AQUAELLE Medical only uses effective ingredients that serve the mission of each product, so there are no unnecessary fillers.

The AQUAELLE Medical brand portfolio is constantly being updated with new products to support the health of the entire family.
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